What is Stithulf

Stithulf is a financial services entity that specializes in building secure and transparent products.

Our objective is to conduct global, in-depth research and analysis about economics for our clients.



What is Stithulf ERC

Stithulf ERC (SULFERC) is a crypto project based on the Equity-Driven Revenue Cycle (ERC) Protocol.

SULFERC uses Crypto and Blockchain Technology to create financial products, that are seemless and effecient.

The project was launched to Binance Smartchain Network on 02/05/2023. We launched our first open source project called SULFERC Payment Gateway on 19/05/2024.

The open source payment gateway is the primary utility of the token.

Secondary utility/ revenue stream of Stithulf ERC (SULFERC) includes Private Lending Services (For Individuals, Businesses and Governments).



What is ERC

The Equity-driven Revenue Cycle (ERC) is process of selling of a certain percentage of equity, with intentions of earning (short term or long term) profits and buying back of the equity.

Stithulf ERC holds right of selling and disclosing where the sold funds (from project's equity) went.



The main inspiration for launching 'Stithulf ERC' Token was to improve the crypto and blockchain ecosystem by building globalized financial instruments.