What is Stithulf

Stithulf is a technology that specializes in innovating and building creative banking applications, as well as economic and financial instruments, aimed at improving, scaling, and stabilizing the global economy.

Our objective is to establish a connection between traditional banking practices and the world of cryptocurrency.



What is Stithulf ERC

"Stithulf ERC" is the first project by Stithulf.

It is an Application that provides Lending Services to Individuals, Businesses as well as Governments.

'Stithulf ERC' (Symbol: SULFERC) was created on 19th February on Ethereum Blockchain and later shifted to Binance Smart Chain Network on 2nd of May in 2023. The Total Maximum Supply is 1,094,795,585 tokens. You can check the Explorer here



How it Works

The process initiate with the User applying for the Loan

The Management contacts the user and provides an update on their loan eligibility status.

The Management will ask for a wallet address to generate your credit score

After successful verification, The Loan Amount will be sent to users' wallet address.

In case of repaying the funds, We provide a positive credit score and simplify future transactions with the user.

In case of not repaying the funds, the user will be given a negative credit score.



The main inspiration for building 'Stithulf ERC' project was to simplify and build an alternative method for risk management in lending industry.

Instead of having aggresive lending approach, The project have used fixed supply mechanism and Stithulf ERC Token Price as a primary factor on the risks we can take.

The loans will be given by sending the SULFERC tokens from our equity and it is our responsibility to have safe percentage of the total supply invested in loans.

The Institutional investors are our projects' primary audience. As a result, we publish financial reports detailing our business operations on a quarterly basis.